“InvestSLC does not share or sell any property seller or investor information…period”

About Us

InvestSLC is a real-estate investment company based in Salt Lake City, UT. We work specifically with home sellers who need to sell their home quickly. We pay cash, close fast, and charge no commissions or closing costs.

How it works:

Once we hear from a potential seller, we will come to the home for a quick walk-through. Since we buy most homes as is, we generally will visit the home just 1-3 times to assess the home, repairs, needed, etc.

After a bit of market research on the home, we will work with our cash investors on a fair offer for the seller.

We move fast! This entire process can take anywhere from 7 – 12 days. In fact, many of our homes we can close on in just a few days.

Ideally, we are looking for distressed properties but we are interested in speaking with all sellers!